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“Habitar52” offers you a range of photographic experiences based on the conceptual art of the 60s and 70s, you will discover that you are not aware of yourself. A photographic project based on the practice. One whole year using the image as annotation of everyday life to come to an end, “experience” through seriality, annotation and method. Each month is showed as and exercise based on a concept to learn something about yourself, your routines and your space and presence. His work, your work will lead you to your (other) reality.

A proyect by Mati Martí

Limited edition of 50 copies
Size 212 x 150 mm closed
5 Fanzines: digital print
4 Posters: offset print
2 Bags: 25 items 120 x 120 mm digital print
22 Postals: 170 x 100 mm digital print
3 Readings points, digital print

©Photograhs, Text and Design: Mati Martí
©Bizco Books

ISBN 978-84-617-23388-1


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