Reasons to Climb a Mountain


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High mountains are an attraction and a mystery. A secluded place, inaccessible, full of dangers and also a place that many people can´t avoid stop going. What are the Mountaineers looking for in this experience. Traditional explanations related to the wild and sublime no longer satisfaced me. Fragmentation, geology and Time are Key Concepts in this new interpretation . Images, text and maps are mixed as a diary of the experience in four very different mountains .


A Project by Pau Món

First limited edition 50 units
Closed size 190 x 310 mm
10 posters double page 190 x 620 mm
52 pages
Digital Indigo printing high quality
Analog photographs of 35 mm and 120 mm

© Photographs, Text and Design: Pau Món
© Bizco Books 2015


Article (spanish)

Selected project in SCAN 2016
(International photography festival in Tarragona, Spain)

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